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Rock’n’roll Romance

Second chance contemporary romance.
She wasn’t looking for a rock’n’roll fantasy. He was looking for her.

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Second Endings

Paranormal romance ghost stories, but not creepy ghosts; sexy ghosts all the way. And of course, they aren’t average ghost, no these non-corporeal beings used to be famous actors.

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Wet Waterfalls

Welcome to Wet Waterfalls, a minuscule magical municipality,
hidden in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

Monsters are real, and love is magic.

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The Palatine family can trace their history back to the time of the founding of Rome.
Descendants of Rhea Silvia, the first wolf shifter, and the war god Mars, this modern family of shifters is used to protecting their secrets. Now science has caught up with their myth. They have to find a way to continue to protect their kind, all while still functioning in the modern world, and falling in love.

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Holiday Strippers

What’s the best part of the winter holidays? Unwrapping presents.
What’s better? Presents that unwrap themselves!

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