WIP-it Wednesday Witches of Wet Waterfalls

That’s a whole lot of Ws!

Halloween Witch holding magical light in her hand


Witches of Wet Waterfalls is currently in the works!

My next day was set on edge when Oz took off at some point in the wee hours. That wasn’t unusual for him. He lived a rich and mysterious life as a wolf twenty-five days a month. At least I hoped he did.

He was a mountain man through and through. He loved to camp, and go hiking, and fishing. And he had loved showing off while doing all of those things every time he took me out camping. Which, scheduling issues aside, was frequently. So I hoped that in wolf form he was outthere enjoying the things he loved. I didn’t like to think that he was sad and alone waiting for me to call him a good boy and play fetch. I never called him a good boy.

Yuki would. When the guys wolfed out, she treated them like giant puppies. And they responded in kind. But around me, Oz didn’t act like a typical canine. He responded logically as if he had a human brain in a wolf’s body. Hanging out at the salon would never be that man’s idea of a good time. And he hung out there a lot.

With our current situation with Dylan, I was concerned, nervous. Oz not being around weighed me down. A decided lack of attention from Dylan all day tugged me down.

But the weight that sank me was Yuki.

There was no doorbell at the salon. It wouldn’t matter if there was, we played the music too loud to hear some little tinkling noise. I caught the movement of the door in my peripheral vision.

Yuki slogged in and slumped in the first chair. Her eyes looked bigger than usual, and there was a tremble to her lower lip. I set aside the broom I pushed around, getting the bigger clumps of hair up before mopping.

“Hey sweetie, is everything okay?” I couldn’t imagine what would have set her off. I hadn’t seen her this sad in a very long time.

She nodded. “Can we go home?” She wiped at her nose as if she had the sniffles.

A depressed Yuki makes the sun want to hide behind clouds. She was also incredibly adorable. She looked like a dejected doll. Yuki liked above the knee full skirts worn with layers of ruffles and crinolines. Her skirts gathered about her so she looked like she sat in a colorful cloud. She reminded me of a doll, all big eyes, pigtails, and fluffy dress.