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Cocky Alpha Shifters: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology is coming April 12th!

Bad boys are good…cocky alphas are even better…




Dragons, Bears, Werewolves, Demons, Witches, and more, we have what you need between the pages of this anthology.

Fall in love with the paranormal romance and urban fantasy tales of these USA Today bestselling, award-winning authors, and new-to-you talent as they deliver those sexy-as-sin shifters you hate to love in this limited edition collection.

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Cocky Alpha Shifters: Meet Sassa Daniels, author of Taming the Tiger

Cocky Alpha Shifters: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology
is coming April 12th!

Bad boys are good…cocky alphas are even better…


 Meet Sassa Daniels, author of
Taming the Tiger,
and read more about Taming the Tiger


When my boss sends me to Siberia to write a story about bad boy billionaire Alexei Vasiliev’s crusade to help endangered tigers, the last thing I expect is to end up in his bed. Once I’m there, I never want to leave but, with both of us harboring secrets, can our blossoming relationship ever work?


The moment Eleanor Hughes appears at my home, looking like a frumpy schoolteacher, I know I have to have her. Though she doesn’t seem my type, I’m drawn to her in a way I’ve never experienced before. But, behind my public persona, lies a dark secret. I come from a long line of tiger shifters. I’ve never trusted a woman enough to share my life with her. But, perhaps, Eleanor just might be the one.

Eleanor is sent, ostensibly to write a story about bad boy billionaire Alexei’s tiger conservation project. However, she’s realty there to get the scoop on why his mother, a famous socialite, suddenly left Moscow. When Eleanor and Alexei meet, he feels an instant attraction to her. She rebuffs him at first but, soon, his charms start to work on her. After spending a day together, they finally give in to their mutual desire. But then Alexei catches Eleanor snooping around the house where his mother is staying and gets mad. When his secret is revealed, Eleanor has to decide whether she likes him enough to take a chance on this cocky tiger shifter.


As soon as I’m ready, I creep out of the room, and sneak downstairs. Pavel’s warning against snooping chimes in my ears, but I ignore it. By now, he and everyone else in the house, is sure to be asleep. The front doors are locked, when I try them, and I’ve no idea how else to get out of the house. I walk along one corridor, after another, looking for an alternative exit. This place really is huge. I might not be able to find my way back to my room.

As I peer into what seems to be a smaller, more intimate dining room than the one where I ate with Alexei, a voice from behind makes me jump out of my skin. “Going somewhere, kotonyok?”

I spin around and my jaw drops. Alexei is standing behind me, stark naked. He’s intimidating in clothes, but like this, he’s downright scary. His body is more muscular than I realized. For a billionaire playboy investment guru, he’s pretty bulky. In the half-light of the corridor, it doesn’t look as if he’s got any ink, but there’s an interesting scar just above his hip bone. Now that my eyes have reached his hips, I can’t prevent them from glancing a little lower. I almost whistle in appreciation at what I find between his legs. The man is big all over. Realizing that I’m staring, I shake my head to clear away the libidinous thoughts that are floating through it.

“I…eh…I was looking for the kitchen.” I wave a hand in front of my throat. “Thirsty. I…What are you doing up?”

“I went for a run.”

“A run? In the nude?” His response is an indolent shrug. “In Siberia?”

“I was born here. I’m used to it.”

About Sassa Daniels

Sassa Daniels is a USA Today Bestselling Author of steamy romance. Writing across a range of genres including paranormal, sci-fi and contemporary romance, she loves to create strong, dominant heroes and the feisty heroines who’ll challenge them at every turn. Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, she still lives there with her family. She recently quit the world of academia to focus on writing.

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Q: What book/movie was your “gateway drug” into paranormal romance?

All the old Hammer Horror movies got me hooked on vampire stories, but the one that got me into romance was Bran Stoker’s Dracula. I hated that he didn’t get the girl in the end.

Q: Which do you prefer, and why? Vampires, shifters, witches, or ghosts?

I love shifters. I feel like they can be really dominant and a little bit asshole-ish and get away with it. That said I do love vampires, witches and ghosts, too.

Q: What was your favorite part about writing this story for Cocky Alpha Shifters?

I liked that I went in a different direction than I usually do. Most of my books are quite heavy on spanking. This story was lighter. There was more banter between the main characters.

Q: If you could interview your main character from this story, what would you ask them, and how do you think they would answer?

When you were a child, did you pull little girls’ hair in the playground?

Alexei (smirking). Yes, I did, and they loved it.

If you could change one thing about Alexei, what would it be?

Eleanor – Not a thing, he’s perfect as he is (waits until he’s out of earshot) – actually, I’d make him a bit more humble. The man is insufferably sure of himself.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about short stories as a reader?

I like that you can read them in one sitting and get a glimpse into another world for a little while. I also love that they can introduce you to writers you’ve never come across before.

Q: What was your preferred music/sound track for this story (assuming you have one).

I don’t have preferred music or a soundtrack for the story but, if Alexei had a theme tune, it would be Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO

Q: What’s coming next for your readers?

Well, I’ll have a short story in another Shifters Unleashed Anthology, Shift Happens, coming out later in the year. I’m also working on completing my Claimed Mates series of wolf-shifter stories.