Romancing the Shifter Now Available

Feel your pulse quicken.

Be drawn to the heat.

Nocturnal Creatures need love too. Is your next book boyfriend a Vampire, Shifter, Hellhound or …..? They own the night, won’t you join them in a world where anything is possible.

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Romancing The Shifter: A Shapeshifter Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology (Shifters Unleashed) is now available!

My story Cougar Hunt is included–check out below for a snippet!



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cougar hunt sm

“Never mind what?” Saffi asked as she had to scramble after him to catch up. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You don’t strike me as the type.”

“And what type is that?”

“The meaningless hook-up type. There’s something about you that gives me the impression you would not be the one sitting in a club somewhere playing tonsil hockey with some guy you just met.”

It was a pretty slick way to turn her down before she could make any embarrassing forward plays. She hated getting discounted because of her size, and it was always her size that was the excuse. Saffron didn’t look her age, and even being older than most people assumed, she had never been rejected based on her age. It always came down to the size of her ass. Body positivity be damned. There seemed to be plenty of men claiming they liked thicc, with two Cs, thighs. But they did not exist in her dating circles, or on any of those apps Kelly had her create accounts on.

“So what’s giving you that impression? My ass?” She circled the area around her ample hip. “Sounds like you’re saying I’m not your meaningless hook-up type.” She stopped with a huff. Letting her smile dissipate, she shook her head. This was stupid. That invisible confidence bodysuit suddenly felt itchy. “Why’d you have to go there? I wasn’t hitting on you or anything.”

Any confidence, real or imaginary evaporated. She plastered a sarcastic smirk across her lips and waited.

“I did notice that, and your ass”— Oscar walked around her raking her form with his gaze. With a bite of his lower lip, he made sure she knew he was appreciating the view— “that’s not a hook-up kind of ass. That’s the kind of ass that demands a commitment.”

Saffi bit the inside of her cheek trying to stop the blush she could feel burning. So she had been wrong, she had been the one to lob it into the booty size court. His volley had been artful. He managed to make her feel like he thought she was attractive, and yet, he still dodged that hook-up possibility.

Falling into Chaos, now available

Into the Storm

Reverse Harem Anthology Now Available

Falling cover

I yanked at his shirt. Okay, these tie open front blouse style shirts, not only looked super hot, they were so much easier to get open than buttons. Buttons were stupid, and I never wanted to deal with another one again. My skin pressed against his chest. He ran a hand up my back. I redoubled my effort to crawl inside of him via my lips. My heart pounded in my ears. I sucked in air as hard as I sucked in him.
Sounds got muffled, all that existed was Mann’s mouth on mine. He lowered me back. No, I was falling.
blackness again.
“Janey.” Mann patted my face.
I blinked up at him. Well, that put a real damper on the moment.

Happy Publishing Birthday to ME!

This time last year my published work of fiction was released!

Twelve Strippers of Christmas coming October 2017

The Twelve Strippers of Christmas was the result of an epic challenge, and being the slightly competitive person that I was, I stepped in it.

Most authors will tell you, they are tempted by the “Oh shiny” prospect of the next story, another idea in the middle of a deadline. Two years ago my distractions kept coming in the form of male strippers. They were dancing in, and flexing muscles and demanding my attention.

I described this problem to a few writer friends, and the solution to write short stories to “get these guys out of your hair” was proposed. Which somehow led to a discussion of when to release for holiday novels, which led to:

“If anyone can write a bunch of Christmas strippers
it’s going to be you.”

How could I not prove her right?

Want to know more about the stories in The Twelve Strippers? Click here to find out more, and for all the buy links!

Meet Dagon

 Count Down to Christmas

Meet your stripper!


More Than Want
Transporter St. Cyr picks up a passenger she cannot resist. Things heat up in outer space where its literally sex or death, when biology acts against St. Cyr. And yes, he had four arms.

available now!

Meet Kyra

 Count Down to Christmas

Meet your stripper!


Nine Ladies Dancing
Kyra is so done with what other people want from her, and she is tired of the fantasy where the gorgeous millionaire rescues the poor stripper. That only ever happens in the movies.

available now!

Meet Josh

Count Down to Christmas

Meet your stripper!

XXLL X-treme X-rated Lascivious Lords
A night out with friends is what Clary needs to take her mind off her failing relationship. But can she lose herself in the moment with a masked stripper and not think about Josh?

available now!

Meet Lance

Count Down to Christmas

Meet your stripper!


Bang a Drummer
Cross dressing Lettie has the hots for a Celtic drummer who is hiding an even bigger, hairier secret than the one she is.

available now!