Holiday Strippers


Sometimes the best presents unwrap themselves.



**A Hot, Sexy, Ridiculous, Holiday Novella

Beautiful, glamorous Nick does what he wants…and who he wants.

The unexpectedness of Nick hooks Katie from the first moment. He’s the Christmas present she most wants to unwrap. But Katie has been holding back and trying to do what makes everyone else happy. Nick is doing everything Katie isn’t, including living his passion of designing feathery frocks for the burlesque dancers Les Poules Françaises. If only Katie could join their ranks, that would be a dream come true.

Suddenly, Nick has a new goal: make Katie release her inner passion. It’s time to stop trying to please everyone else and do what makes her happy, and that includes going after the one present she wants.

The greatest lesson Katie learns this Christmas is that the best gift anyone can open is herself.

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Looking for more? More! MORE!

With a twist…

and a thrust…

and some breakaway snaps!

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This collection of short stories is perfect for a short get-away from the stresses of the holiday season. Bite-sized stories, that don’t take a commitment of time, when you are already feeling like you might not have enough time to do something nice for yourself. Let Seth, Thorne, Jason, and the rest of the dancers give you a much deserved and entertaining break. Keep scrolling for a run-down of each of the twelve stories.

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 The stories in The Twelve Strippers of Christmas

Meet Seth, The twelve Strippers of Christmas by Lulu M SylvianPartridge in Her Pear Tree
Sexy? Yes! HR nightmare? Definitely! But what else would you expect from a Christmas party at a personal pleasure device company?



Meet Tom. The Twelve Strippers of Christmas by Lulu M Sylvian

Perfect Cup
All Alexa wants is an attractive, British man named Tom, who drinks tea. Steamy.



Meet Marmalade from The Twelve Strippers of Christmas by Lulu M SylvianThree French Cockerels
Welcome to Belvoir County Kentucky where they know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but everyone loves chicken, and they still argue over the secret of that famous secret recipe.


Meet Thorne from The Twelve Strippers of ChristmasCalling Bird
Ava is torn between one sexy rocker with a troubled past, and one responsible hunk who places her firmly in the friend zone.



Meet JasonFive Glowing Rings
Past life regression meets sexy hoop dancer. Amy is in Vegas to lick her wounds, instead, she ends up licking a set of perfect abs.



6Blaze and Glori
What’s a girl to do when she’s stuck on a holiday cruise with her family? Faced with douche-bois and cougar-hunts, Glori’s vacation is not off to a promising start. Fortunately, she keeps running into handsome passenger Blaze, who is definitely making her trip more interesting.


8Burlesque Cygnus
Innuendo will leave you reading between the lines in this super short tale with a paranormal twist.



7More Than Want
Transporter St. Cyr picks up a passenger she cannot resist. Things heat up in outer space where its literally sex or death when biology acts against St. Cyr.



9Nine Ladies Dancing
Kyra is so done with what other people want from her, and she is tired of the fantasy where the gorgeous millionaire rescues the poor stripper. That only ever happens in the movies.


10XXLL X-treme X-rated Lascivious Lords
A night out with friends is what Clary needs to take her mind off her failing relationship. But can she lose herself in the moment with a masked stripper and not think about Josh?



11Piper’s Daughter
Rose finds out she is not free from her dead father’s control when its discovered his will requires her to be married by the end of the year of his death, or she’ll be homeless. High school crush Jimmy comes to the rescue with only two days left to the year.


12Bang a Drummer
Crossdressing Lettie has the hots for a Celtic drummer who is hiding an even bigger, hairier secret than the one she is.