Pepper McGraw Interview, Paranormal Unbound Author

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 Pepper McGraw, one of the authors featured in Paranormal Unbound,  tells us about her contribution to this anthology: Full Moon Shenanigans

The full moon’s coming and it’s time to embrace the wildness within.

Glory isn’t sure about mating with Max. Her bear’s huge compared to his wolf and if he’s not careful, he’ll end up getting squashed.

Max is determined to show his mate they belong together, and with a full moon on the horizon, he’s hopeful the wildness to come will prove his wolf is a perfect match for her bear.


Q: What book/movie was your “gateway drug” into paranormal romance?

I’ve been reading PNR so long, I can’t really pinpoint exactly who I started with. I think I started with books about psychics and witches and the first of those may well have been Kay Hooper’s Special Crime Unit series. I quickly graduated to all things paranormal by leaping into Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon. At that point, it was all over. I was hooked and haven’t stopped reading since. As far as paranormal romance on screen, I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV show), though its dearth of true HEAs may bring its classification as a romance into question. And yet, I love it anyway.

Q: Is your story in Paranormal Unbound a stand-alone or does it introduce readers to other characters/ worlds of yours?

Full Moon Shenanigans is part of my Shenanigans series. Reading it will provide an introduction to a number of characters in that series and will hopefully give a sense of my writing style as well.

Q: IF it is a lead into another world please tell us about that world/those books.

The Shenanigans series is centered around the concept of Shenanigans being a place (or many places) of sanctuary where paranormals can gather in peace without worrying about the need to hide their true selves. A Shenanigans might be a bar or a restaurant or a hotel or a shopping mall or really any public space where a paranormal might wish to open a business. The name Shenanigans is a beacon for paranormals, each location part of a larger, worldwide collection of public spaces created by paranormals, for paranormals. Full Moon Shenanigans, the book in Paranormal Unbound, takes place in a bar Shenanigans owned by two bear shifters, where the local wolves and cougars like to gather for some drinks and fun. It’s the story of Glory, one of those bear owners, and her mate, Max, the beta of the local wolf pack.

Q: What other Shifters Unleashed anthologies have you participated in/ what stories?

I have a story called Catnapped in Shifters Do It Better that launched my series, A Pawsitively Purrfect Match. It stars a number of matchmaking cats and shifters and I had a ton of fun writing it. I’m also excited about another Shifters Unleashed anthology that should release this December called Shifter Christmas Howlidays. I’m already planning another adventure for it starring more matchmaking cats with their shifter victims—I mean clients.

Q: What upcoming anthologies can we find more from you?

Please tell us about those stories. The anthology I’m the most excited about at the moment is Midnight Magic which comes out this May. My story is called Guardians of the Veil and is all about two Fae Guardians who should never have met. Fae Guardians have their own destiny and it doesn’t involve having fated mates or falling in love. These two, however, will break all the rules, and in doing so, may reshape the destiny of future Guardians and change the fate of the Fae forever.

Q: When you write do you visually base your characters off actors/famous people? Please give some examples.

I honestly don’t, at least not consciously anyway. I’m more likely to focus on creating characters that foster specific emotions in the reader.

Q: Why should we read short stories?

They provide a brief escape into an alternate reality/world and I firmly believe we all need an escape every now and then.

Q: Random party question: what’s your favorite pizza?

Vegetarian pizza, preferably with barbeque sauce rather than traditional pizza sauce.



One moment Glory was standing at the counter, waiting for Travis to fill her tray with the shots she’d requested, and the next a set of arms had wrapped around her, pulling her tight against a warm and solid chest.

“Glory, my love.” Max’s voice sounded deeper than normal. He buried his nose in her neck and inhaled.

She shivered in desire, then cleared her throat. “Did you just smell me?”

“You’re intoxicating,” he muttered and scraped his teeth along her neck.

“Jeez, Max. Come on!” Travis slammed several shots onto the tray in front of them. “Glory’s working and you’re in public for heaven’s sake. And she’s my sister. Hands off!”

Max rumbled and glared at Travis.

For a moment, Glory feared the two of them would get into it, but then Max stepped back and allowed Glory to pick up her tray.

“I’ll walk with you,” he said.

She rolled her eyes and led the way across the room to a table of horny wolves. She knew they were horny because the scent was overwhelming. And it didn’t help that the bar was packed with she-wolves too. The mated pairs were busy making out, adding to the scent of crazy, while the unmated singles were hooking up or looking to hook up.


They were all such dogs.

Pepper would love to be able to shift into an animal (any animal, really, though she’s rather partial to cats). Unfortunately, since she wasn’t lucky enough to be born a shifter, she’s had to settle for writing about them instead.

She’s an advocate of animal rescue and supports local shelters and Trap-Neuter-Release programs for feral cats. She’s had the supreme honor of winning occasional head butts and meows from the local ferals in her neighborhood and even of convincing a few to come inside and adopt her as their own.

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