Immortal Legacies: Author Interview with Gemma Cates

Immortal Legacies
A Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Vampire Anthology

Dare the Devilish Vampire by Gemma Cates

A monster hunter who’d rather be a mom.


Hunting, capturing, and killing the creatures of the night. As a Van Helsing, that should be my calling. But my deepest desire is to have a child of my own.
I can’t leave the life, because I don’t know any other way to exist. And if I gathered my courage and tried? My family would never let me leave.
I can’t raise a child in the midst of all this violence.
It’s a vicious cycle, and I see no way out.
I’m trapped by the blood that runs through my veins and the training I can’t ever forget. I can never have what my heart yearns for.

A vampire who’s turned his back on humanity.


For centuries, humans have provided me with blood and sex, no more.
Until I’m mated with a human.
A Van Helsing.
My one chance to build a family, and Fate paired me with the offspring of a genocidal clan.
Not so long ago, the Van Helsings hunted my kind, murdering all in their path whether we sipped or gorged on our prey.
The Van Helsing clan staked my maker. Not so great a loss as the friends who also fell to their blades.
And I was expected to mate with the spawn of these murderers or have my line die out.
An almost impossible choice.

A reluctant monster-hunting human and a human-hating vampire are matched by Fate. Their only shared desire a child. Can they overcome the past to discover a deeper bond?

Keep reading for Gemma’s interview, and an exciting excerpt from Dare the Devilish Vampire

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Interview with Gemma Cates

Gemma Cates writes flirty vampire and shifter romances with plenty of the steamy stuff and a solid dash of humor. If you’re looking for hot paranormal fun and laughter, she’s happy to oblige.

When Gemma’s not cooking up new happily-ever-afters for her fanged and clawed heroes and heroines, she might be writing books in other, sweeter genres. (She’ll never tell.)

Check out her Almost Human Vampire Romances, Dragon Shifters Do It, and Van Helsing Sisters Adventures.

Q: How long have you been a writer and how did you come to writing?
I’ve been writing fiction professionally for about seven years and as Gemma Cates for about a year. I’ve always been an avid reader, but writing my own stories is even better than reading! (Most of the time…)

Q: What currently compels you to write?
So many stories waiting in the queue! So, so many!

Q: Where do your characters come from?
I take a slice of a person’s character (fictional or real) and then I expand on that using research and personal experience to create a completely fictional character. Building people from the ground up is definitely one of the fun parts of writing.

Q: Who is a favorite character that you’ve written?
My favorite character is almost always the one I’m writing right now. That happens to be a nerdy hot dragon who’s fallen for a writer in my Dragons Do It Nerdier book.

Q: What’s the one question you always like when people ask authors? 
I always love to hear about other author’s writing processes, especially if they have tricks for gaming their motivation. I like to run writing sprints with friends, change up my writing location, and chart my progress on projects.

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Excerpt from Dare the Devilish Vampire

I walked into the coffee shop and scanned the small number of patrons. No way Tyler-no-last-name was one of these normals. Most of them were like me, just here to work, except they were toiling away on a laptop instead of meeting a client.

The scent of baked goods lured me to the counter after I claimed my favorite table at the back. Carbs and caffeine with a healthy dose of fat and sugar added in would go a long way to righting my off-kilter mood.
As I waited in line behind a plain black coffee drinker, I heard the jangle of the shop door’s bells.
It was instinct to clock the comings and goings of those around me. To be cognizant of the dangers that lurked in every corner, under every bed, behind every door.

Life as a monster hunter was filled with knowledge that occasionally weighed a little too heavily, and the daylight hours were usually my reprieve. The monsters I hunted almost exclusively clung to the darkness, where they could prey out of sight from the mainstream view of humanity.
Almost exclusively.

Accompanying the sound of those bells was a distinct prickle of awareness. One that warned I’d been joined in this small coffee shop by something “other.”

I shifted slightly, just enough to catch the newest addition in my peripheral vision.
After a pause, he—because the creature who’d entered the shop was in all ways masculine—walked to the counter to stand in line behind me.

As I ordered and paid for my espresso with half-and-half and my iced sugar cookie, I could feel his eyes on me.

There was a monster in line behind me, and he was checking out my ass.
I was also pretty sure he was my client.

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Immortal Legacies

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