Belvoir County


Where they love their women fiercely, and the raise their chickens big.

Quirky, sassy, sexy, magical series set in bucolic Kentucky.

Meet the eccentric residents in Three French Cockerels in The Twelve Strippers of Christmas.

sigils and spells

Fowl Things

Demons, chicken, ancient magic, just another day in Belvoir County.

Tucked into the Appalachian foothills with deep Kentucky roots sits a tiny, chicken obsessed, magical hamlet. Welcome to Belvoir County, biggest cocks in Kentucky. 

Magical academy meets small town quirk. Merle has been searching for something. Archivist, Pandora wishes it was her, but his research indicates he needs access to elder magic, the really old stuff. Will Merle realize she is the key to everything he needs? She might just be able help him find what he needs and solve the mystery of what’s been terrorizing the town’s chicken breeders before she figures out how to crochet a scarf.

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