Open letter to a charcter

Dear VH:

I would really like to know why you are in my book. Seriously, why?

I mean right now you are just some ego laden asshole from South Africa. What is the point of you being from South Africa? None that I can tell. You could be from Romania or Russia, or Japan, or even Nebraska.

You went from being the baddy to just some rather unfortunate misguided jerk on a power trip. You used to leer in my ear, and be oily, slime with legs. But all of that has shifted to some other guy, and you are in-fact being used.

You do get a great line though, its a pretty good line:

You really have no idea just how big my continent is, do you?

So, VH, from South Africa, please come back, whisper in my ear.




Some really excellent encouragement

My stuff is still out with Betas, or (in the case of one of them the editor squeek)
So no “reviews” yet.

But I am getting some epic complements:

“There is no sleep there is only Ares Martin”
said when I found out she had been up until 2 am reading! (Ares is the hero of that book.)

And then she told me she liked it so much she started reading it a second time!

Regarding an ending that needed revising: “Lu Lu Lu you nailed that ending. Absolutely f*cking nailed it.”

“So whens the next one?”


Im gonna keep on doing this!

Teaser Tuesday

She paused before turning back to face Bryce. She handed him the drink.

Bryce put his fingers over hers. Honey stared wide-eyed at his hand caressing hers. He was going to make her spill again.

Red wine sloshed over the edge of the glass, running over their fingers like thin blood. Honey, tipsy, giggled.

Bryce said nothing, tossed a cloth napkin at her and stood. “We’re leaving. Now.” he growled out the last word. Making it clear to Honey there was to be no arguing. She forlornly looked at her half eaten dinner and wondered what she had done this time.

Honey snatched her hand away from his touch. Away from the bad memories.