Andra Dill Interview, Paranormal Unbound Author

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Andra Dill, one of the authors featured in Paranormal Unbound,  tells us about her contribution to this anthology: Smudged Magic

Hexed by a black-magic witch and transformed into a cat, Roseanne needs her big sister, Neva, to come through with a counter-spell. Fast.

Neva’s green-magic creates amazing protective wards, but it can’t break a curse.

As Neva delves into her treasure trove of grimoires and family archives, the black-witch is determined to breach her protective wards and capture Roseanne. It’s a battle against time and powerful magic, but Neva will do anything for her family.


Q: What book/movie was your “gateway drug” into paranormal romance? 

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. I won’t swear that was the first paranormal book I ever read but it is the one that made a lasting impression on me. Lestat’s personality, his sexuality, his charisma, and his irreverence hooked me.

Q: Is your story in Paranormal Unbound a stand-alone or does it introduce readers to other characters/ worlds of yours? 

Smudged Magic is a stand-alone.

Q: What other Shifters Unleashed anthologies have you participated in/ what stories? 

Shifters For A Cause—I wrote Luck of the Draw, a steamy story about cougar shifter Paige and the persistent jaguar shifter, Logan.

Q: What up-coming anthologies can we find more from you? Please tell us about those stories.
A Measure of Happiness—is a stand-alone historical fantasy book (part of The Casket Girl Chronicles) that takes place in 1728 Louisiana Territory. Mariette became a vampire the night of her mother’s murder. Alone and without her maker to guide her, everything she knows about her new reality has been learned through trial and error. She leaves France behind, seeking a new life with her trapper husband in the wilds of Louisiana. There are problems (of course) and twists, like accusations of witchcraft and dark rumors.

Overindulgence is in the Eternal Love Affair anthology. A steamy romance with a healthy serving of adventure, this story stars a sexy vampire and the hired killer who stumbles into his territory.

I’m currently writing a witch and vampire paranormal romance that will appear in the anthology A Dance of Blood and Magic.

Q: When you write do you visually base your characters off actors/famous people? Please give some examples.

No, my characters are average people put into unusual circumstances.

Q: Why should we read short stories? 

Let me share with you why I enjoy reading them. Short stories allow me to drop immediately into a new slice of reality without a huge time investment. In forty-five minutes to a couple of hours I can immerse myself in a gripping story. It’s like a little vacation for my imagination. If the collection includes a favorite author, it’s a chance to delve into a side character (or main character) and get deeper into the overall series world. Or discover an entirely different side to that author’s writing style (or genre). Other times I have the pleasure of discovering a new-to-me author.

Q: Random party question: what’s your favorite pizza?

Canadian bacon and green olive.


“I’m worried I won’t be able to break the hex, Sagar. To transmogrify a person into an animal that takes black magic.” Rapping her knuckles on the glass, she looked over her shoulder. Sagar sat straddling the chaise; elbows braced on his splayed knees. Black tufts of hair stuck out wildly on his head. He looked ridiculous. Neva smiled, slowly stalking across the room towards him.

Grasping her wrist, he hauled her down to sit in front of him. He ran his fingers through her long chestnut hair, raking out the snarls. Neva tipped her head back and sighed. Tension leached out of her as he divided the tresses into sections, tugging gently, then began fashioning a braid.

“So, you think she was hexed over that jewelry she inherited from your crazy great-uncle?”

“Pieter wasn’t crazy. He was eccentric.” Neva squirmed back, wedging her curvy ass between the vee of his thighs.

“He was too crazy and a hoarder to boot, your Abuelita said so, and it isn’t healthy to disagree with that old gal.”

The elder matriarch wielded the dark arts expertly in the protection of her loved ones.
“Smart man.” Neva patted his leg.

“I’ll never forget her hexing me with fleas back when we were dating.”

“Lita did not hex you with fleas.”

“So you say.” Sagar pulled her back to recline against him. His soothing, familiar scent, musk, and summer sunshine surrounded her, and she melted against him.

When not daydreaming about plot lines and characters Andra practices yoga, reads voraciously, and drinks too much coffee. She loves road trips and going off on wild tangents. Andra writes in multiple genres—including but not limited to—urban fantasy, steamy romance, paranormal romance, and occasionally horror.

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