I have been imagining worlds that are right next store and far-far away for years.

I started off using my imagination to become a graphic designer and illustrator, as a way to show others the pictures in my head. A few years ago I began using words to create pictures in other people’s heads.

I have a hard time writing about myself in third person, so I won’t do that.

My husband is tall, dark, and handsome, and mostly perfect. My children are brilliant, funny, gorgeous, and always perfect (even when they’re not).

I’m a wanna-be bad-ass. So I try stuff out, including bellydancing, hula hooping, and roller derby. I am particularly bad at hula hooping and roller skating, but they’re both fun so I keep trying.

Lulu M Sylvian
Lulu M Sylvian

“After years of imagining an inner realm of friends, scenarios and places, I decided it was time to share my stories with the world.”