This Winter’s Releases

The Twelve Strippers of Christmas

A collection of 12 steamy short stories themed around the Twelve Days of Christmas, featuring (mostly) male strippers. Titles include Partridge in Her Pear Tree, Burlesque Cygnus, and Bang a Drummer. Stories are contemporary, paranormal, and yes, I have a sci-fi one in there too!
Available in print and ebook.


A Perfect Proposal

Lysia’s life is suddenly turned upside down when Craig walks into the bridal shop where she works. With no job, no boyfriend, and a new zit the size of the lost continent of Atlantis, Lysia turns to Craig for help with her job hunt. When he sees what she does to his Christmas tree with recycling and found objects, Craig hires her to complete the interior decorating for his house. He soon realizes that he needs more than just her creativity and talent to turn his house into a home. This novella is part of the St. Helena Vineyards Kindle World.



Coming in January 2018

The Palatine family can trace their history back to the time of the founding of Rome.
Descendants of Rhea Silvia, the first wolf shifter, and the war god Mars, this modern family of shifters is used to protecting their secrets. Now science has caught up with their myth. They have to find a way to continue to protect their kind, all while still functioning in the modern world, and falling in love.

Check out the link to the wolves to read more about Morgan and Honey