Ballad Ares


She wasn’t looking for a rock’n’roll fantasy.
He was looking for her.

Lizzy feels invisible to the world, fading into the daily grind of her role as a divorced, single mother. She longs to be visible to someone.

Ares “Mars” Martin is in town hunting for a recording studio for his band’s next album. After just one meeting, Ares can’t help but see Lizzy. Instant attraction grows into a steamy relationship with Ares ready to bring her into his world and start a family. But Lizzy is afraid that out of sight will mean out of mind when Ares returns to touring.

Lizzy doesn’t want to live some rock’n’roll fantasy and be another groupie or someone’s baby-mama. Personal insecurities and preconceived notions about rock stars make effective barriers when it comes to claiming a future with the man she loves.

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