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Legatum Book 5

As far as Bobby is aware, he is the only one of his kind—a true lone wolf. He fills his days with running his bar, and his nights with emotionless encounters. After all, hooking up with him, the self-proclaimed town man-whore, is as easy as crashing into his buggy in the grocery store. Everything changes when he sees an angel

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Legatum begins

The Palatine family can trace their history back to the time of the founding of Rome.
Descendants of Rhea Silvia, the first wolf shifter, and the war god Mars, this modern family of shifters is used to protecting their secrets. Now science has caught up with their myth. They have to find a way to continue to protect their kind, all while still functioning in the modern world, and falling in love.

Legatum Book 1

If you enjoy shifter romances, this is one to curl up with. Grab a glass of wine and settle in, you’re in for a hell of a ride.
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This was my first book by Ms. Sylvian but I can assure you it will not be my last. I immediately pre-ordered the next book in this series. Hot sexy guy, strong female characters, bad guy gets his comeuppance. Great storyline. You won’t be disappointed with this story!
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driven-tiltThe legacy continues with
Julia and Roman in

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What a delicious book. Exciting, hot, fast-paced. Absolutely in love with this series. As soon as I finished this book I pre-ordered the next and will be on pins and needles waiting for the next installment.
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DangeroustiltDangerous: Legatum 3

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The Shifter Goodness just keeps on coming! Everything you love in a were-series with humor, heart, and snark – my kind of read! Love this series!!!
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Legantum Book 4

Bingeable Read at it’s best 
Longing was amazing. I tried really hard not to read it all in one sitting but let’s just say it was so good it shot my self-control out of the sky. Excellent plot, thrilling twists, lovable characters, and so much emotion! Shane and Lucy were a great continuation to the Legatum series. October is too far away for the next book but I know after reading the rest of the series it’ll be worth the wait!

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